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Online Course QGIS

After giving many successful QGIS courses to professionals on location, RuimteBewust decided to offer an online QGIS course.

Let us know if you are interested in the online introduction course ‘Up-and-running in QGIS’. And receive more information about how you can get familiar with QGIS at your own pace and at the moment that suits you best.

Some feedback from our customers:

“I rarely followed a course with such clear content. It fully met my expectations! ”

“Excellent structure and logical order. Learned a lot today!”

“The explanation made clear that it is very easy to work with QGIS. The examples proved that. ”

“I liked that something was explained and then there was an opportunity to do the exercises at your own pace.”


Contents of the course



  • General explanation of open source software
  • Basic concepts of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Coordinate systems & projections
  • The QGIS landscape


  • Getting familiair with the user interface of QGIS
  • Using plugins
  • Exploring geodata
  • Creating & editing datasets
  • Converting datasets
  • Working with geographical coordinate systems and projections
  • Visualizing geodata
  • Formatting and sharing maps
  • Querying datasets
  • Answering spatial questions (simple geographic analyzes)

Cost: € 250, temporarily for € 100

Study load: approx. 8 hours

Interested in the online course ‘Up-and-running in QGIS’?

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