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QGIS online course

The fun way to learn GIS

Just imagine an online QGIS training where you learn by solving mysteries, discover treasures and save the world.

You will expand your knowledge about GIS and how to use it. Skills that you can apply directly to solve real world problems.

And of course, because it is online, you can learn whenever and wherever it suits you.

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What you will learn?

The necessary theoretical concepts

  • The pro’s and cons of open source software
  • What is GIS software?
  • Uses of GIS
  • Co├Ârdinate systems & projections
  • How QGIS cooperates with other applications

And MANY practical skills that you can apply directly

  • Get to know the user interface of QGIS
  • Install and use plugins
  • Work with different sorts of geographic data
  • Get to know the most important sources of open data
  • Create your own datasets and learn how to manage them
  • Convert between data formats
  • Work with geographic coordinate systems and projections
  • Visualise geodata
  • Create maps en share them with others
  • Query your data
  • Find answers to spatial questions (simple geographic analysis)